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Essential advice when looking to purchase a property

If you are looking to purchase a property, have a chat with your banker/broker prior to making an offer to ensure you know your borrowing capacity before you sign a contract. This will also give you, the real estate agent and seller confidence when you make an offer, knowing your finance is likely to be approved.

If you are purchasing a property as trustee for a trust or superfund, contact your accountant prior to making an offer. Once your offer has been accepted there is limited movement on amending the purchasing entity without being charged double stamp duty.

If you are purchasing a property subject to finance approval contact your banker/broker as soon as your offer has been accepted and provide them with a copy of your contract. This will ensure they are working on the approval for you straight away and any potential delays can be tackled in good time.

Do you know what conditions form part of your contract? If you are unsure what you are signing off on, contact us and we will talk you through your contract and help you add in any special conditions you may like to include in your offer.

Are you buying a property privately, direct through the seller? Contact us today! We can help you write up the contract.

When choosing a settlement date, find out when the keys will be handed over. Depending if the property is the sellers principle place of residence, this can affect the day on which you will have possession of the keys.

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