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Suburb Spotlight – Fremantle

Oct 7, 2022

Enriched with the glistening glow of history, paired with character bars, delicious restaurants and lifestyle opportunities like nowhere else, let’s take our suburban sights to the beautiful location of Fremantle.

Established in 1829, Fremantle was dubbed the port city of Western Australia. It is characterised by its unique landscape and heritage architecture along with its markets. A popular destination for both residents and visitors alike, the suburb is a mixed-use area that sees residential, commercial, institutional, maritime and industrial uses.

What does life in Fremantle look like?

Set on the backdrop of the sparkling Indian Ocean, Fremantle comes with pristine beaches, quaint shopping choices and character homes. Eclectic is a great word to describe Fremantle, it is layered with authenticity and inescapable flair.

In recent years, the area has received a major facelift with highly frequented bars like The Old Synagogue creating a new wave of life in Fremantle. Other highlights include Culley’s bakehouse, Little Creatures Brewery, Lions and Tigers restaurant, Capri Restaurant and Mother just to name a few. If you fancy a coffee, you cannot beat the cappuccinos on offer in South Terrace.

Offering a blend of activity, oceanfront stillness, heritage, culture, culinary goodness and warm community atmosphere, Fremantle is definitely a suburb to consider for your next property or investment.

A glimpse of where you can send your children to school

From the local primary schools of Fremantle Primary School and East Fremantle Primary School to the private/independent schools of White Gum Valley Primary School and CBC Fremantle. There are select choices in Fremantle itself, and of course, the various choices you can consider in Cottesloe or Claremont nearby. It is also worth noting that the esteemed John Curtin College of the Arts is also in the area.

What do the Fremantle stats say?

According to REIWA, Fremantle sees an annual growth of 25.7%, the medium house price is $1,075,000 and the location population is 8,211.

With the assistance of a Perth Conveyancer, this luxurious lifestyle could be yours.

The beauty of Fremantle is that through the years, the suburb has retained a lot of its character and charm you simply don’t get from other places in Perth. If you are looking for a Perth settlement agent to guide you toward your dream home in the calming, classic, coastal and timeless Fremantle, I can help you. Essence Conveyancing is here to support you through your Perth property experience.


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